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nft collection

I deeply love art of all kinds, from high art to pop art, from the cute to the sublime, which has driven my interest in collecting NFTs. This is a selection of NFTs that are part of my long-term collection, not intended as any sort of investment, but as a way to support creators I love and to own a piece of their work.

tubby cats (71)

One of my favorite pfp collections, of which I have amassed a huge clowder!

Shinsei Galverse (13)

As a fan of old school anime, I fell in love with this project almost immediately upon seeing it.

crypto coven (2)

This collection's beauty stunned me when I first saw it. Vega and I have matching star signs.

other pfps (10)

Pieces from other pfp collections I love.

miho 1/1s (5)

Unique pieces created by one of my favorite artists, miho.

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